Alan Mercurio is better known throughout the HVAC industry as “Your friend in the industry.” With over 30 years of  industry experience, Alan started  as a technician for Leighow Oil Co. in Danville Pa in the early 90’s. From Leighow Oil he seized an opportunity to become a technician for Agway Energy in Bloomsburg PA. Here he was able to get more hours, and more training. He took as many courses and read as many books as he could to further his own education. In 1998 he decided to share the knowledge he had with like-minded individuals and created the website Oil Tech From Agway Energy, Alan joined the ranks of Technical Sales Advisor with Wayne Combustion in 2001. This gave him the opportunity to train and educate businesses along the East Coast. This job opportunity also helped start the idea of being able to train multiple companies and technicians, about multiple products and techniques. With his own personal motivation, and with the encouragement from highly recognized companies like RW Beckett Corp., Honeywell Co., and Bacharach, Alan started his own consulting and training business in November, 2002. This is when Alan was able to truly shine, and share all of the knowledge he had learned over the years. He traveled and was able to offer his nationally recognized Oil Heat Certification Program, “The Burner Workshop”, to thousands of technicians up and down the east coast and parts of the Midwest. In 2002, he wrote his first book, “Carry the Torch”.  In 2006, he focused on one of his largest clients, Kosco Comfort, on a more full time basis. Here he created a full in house training and education center. He also prides himself on his unique training techniques, putting on the uniform and helping train technicians on site. In 2008, Alan spent some time learning about the equipment sales side of the business with Love Effron. 
     His passion as an industry educator, along with many requests for those within the industry fueled his desire and decision to get back on the road bringing the professional services he offers to the industry up and down the east coast. The added bonus was how this opened up the opportunity to the most important thing in his life, spending more time with his family back in Pennsylvania!

Today, Alan is PPA’s Lead Technical Trainer, and Assistant Director of PPA’s School. 

Alan is an industry author, consultant, educator, and proctor. 

He holds certificates as a Master Technician in the State of Pennsylvania, Silver certificate from the PPA, is NORA Gold Certified, and is EPA Certified by the VGI Training center as a type I and type II Air Conditioning Technician. 

He is the past president and founder of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of OESP (Formerly NAOHSM), is on OESP’S Education committee, and is a liaison to NORA.

Hugh Mckee
The night I was blessed to have received the very prestigious Hugh W. McKee Award

Alan Mercurio
232 Thrush Drive
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Phone:(570) 594 8259

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