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Oil Tech Talk strives to serve every aspect of the heating industry. With Alan’s main passion being education, there are many classes and training sessions he has created to assist and educate nearly every one in the industry. Whether you work in an office environment and would like to have a better understanding of customer issues when they call in, or a seasoned technician wanting an updated lesson, or a technician looking for  Nora Certification;
Oil Tech Talk can help you.

Training Classes

The Objective of this course is to teach the fundamentals of oil burners and their components. This program includes some theory, including cause and effects, how to properly diagnose the burner and its components. Can be useful to both entry level and seasoned technicians looking for a refresher course.


  • Customizable to your company
  • Half day or Full day options
    • Full day includes hands on training.
  • Take home class materials

Install by Robert O’Brien

Contact us today for prices, discounts available for Industry Organizations, their Chapters and Affiliates. 

This workshop really dives into understanding how combustion, chimneys, and venting are tied together. It starts with a brief science lesson on combustion, the definition of combustion efficiency, the three T’s of combustion, adjusting the appliance for proper combustion and acceptable combustion test results. The second part of the workshop deals with chimneys; understanding how the chimney works, touch on the NFPA 211 codes, chimney sizing and proper maintenance of the chimney. The third part of the workshop will cover draft inducers; what does the code say about them, how it works, when to use one, how to install and troubleshoot. The fourth and final part of the workshop will cover Power Venters; what does the code say about power venters, how they work, when to use one, and how to install and troubleshoot them. 


  • Full day workshop
  • Learn about:
    • Combustion
    • Chimneys
    • Draft Inducers
    • Power Venters 
  • Take home class materials

Contact us today for prices, discounts available for Industry Organizations, their Chapters and Affiliates.

This workshop has proven over the years to be helpful to the CSR’s and Dispatchers. It gives them a better understanding of what the technicians are doing in the field. It will also help staff feel more confident having conversations with customers. This workshop offers a better understanding of some of the common items related to a heating system without getting so in depth that non-technical staff would lose their attention or feel overwhelmed.

Highlights of this workshop:

  • Comprehensive training for the non-technical staff memebers
  • Non-technical staff will gain knowledge to help them comfortably converse with technicians and customers
  • More confident staff nearly always equals more comfortable customers.

Contact us today for prices, discounts available for Industry Organizations, their Chapters and Affiliates.

Help each of your employees become better team players which can help you lead a successful business. This workshop runs about 6 hours long. See bullet points below to have a better understanding of what is included. Workshop can be modified to better suit your company’s needs.


  • Arrival to a customer’s home.
  • When you’re in a customer’s home.
  • What if the customer is not at home?
  • Why wear uniforms?
  • Talking with the customer on a personal level.
  • How to explain things to your customer.
  • Negative communication = Negative effects
  • How to handle cancellations.

Positive Communication:

  • Communicating with your peers.
  • Communicating with your Manager/Owner

If you are an employee and feel your company could benefit from this workshop, feel free to contact us and we will make contact with your company.

Contact us today for prices, discounts available for Industry Organizations, their Chapters and Affiliates.

Other Services

Let Oil Tech Talk assist your company in writing and implementing policies and procedure. Often these are received from an outsider with more positive results.

Oil Tech Talk’s very successful ride along training programs have helped smaller companies keep the work flow going, keep the same amount of techs on the road, offers professional and productive results. 

Alan will ride along with the training technician in your company’s uniform. This helps customers feel more comfortable.

 If your company already has a training program in place this is a wonderful opportunity to add to your training materials. 

Please contact Alan Mercurio personally if you think your company is in need of this service.

Alan Mercurio has written his own book, training manuals, chapter(s) for Nora Certification Manual, and a few articles for various magazines. 

Price Varies. More information coming soon. Please email Alan Mercurio directly.

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