Electric Safety

We are all familiar with the term “Safety First” another thing we are familiar with is not to be afraid of electricity, but respect it and it will respect you. Take some time to review the key point below and do some research on them if you wish, it will be time well spent. Your company may already guidelines and policies with regard to this and you should review, understand and follow them. The following are from a company I worked with and through a collaborative effort were written by Progressive Business Publications – Copyright

Electricity can kill

  • Electricity is the most commonly encountered hazard in our trade.
  • Exposure to electricity can cause burns, internal bleeding or death.

How does a shock occur?

Electricity always travels in a circuit and tries to get to the ground

Metal, wood, water and your body are examples of conductors that electricity will try to pass through on its way to the ground.
Your body is a great conductor of electricity.
If you touch an electric circuit and the ground at the same time, you create an easy path for electricity to travel through, causing a shock.
Working safely with energized equipment
Never enter spaces where you cannot see the live parts.
Be careful holding conductive materials.
Do not wear conductive jewelry.
Do not perform housekeeping until the area is safe.
Working safely with portable electrical equipment
If cord is damaged, remove from service.
Do not use if your clothing or equipment is wet.
Life saving personnel protective equipment
Industrial protective helmets.
Eye gear.
Rubber gloves, shoes and mats.

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