February Safety Topic

February (2019) Vehicle operation/best practices for driving

This is everything from fastening your seat belt to securing your load, from being observant to planning ahead and so much more.

buckle up

The safety a seat belt provides speaks for itself and it’s the law, so I’ll move on from there. Securing your load can be anything from the basic commonsense items and safety practices to DOT Regulation and safety policies. Some things to keep in mind is to not keep any items in the cab of your vehicle that can become a projectile; these items can lead to the cause of an accident or make a minor accident something that causes a major injury. Securing your load keeps loads from shifting, which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, causing an accident or prevent items from becoming projectiles from your vehicle that could also cause an accident.

The importance of being observant of your surroundings should be as natural as wearing that seat belt and the importance speaks for itself, so here I’ll move on to planning ahead. This can be making sure you’re starting out with clean mirrors, clean windows and clean windshield, operable wipers in good condition and an operable window defroster.
In addition to those items another safe driving practice is before heading up or down a driveway safely exit your vehicle and get an assessment of the path you’re about to travel. In addition to safety this could also save a lot of lost time and possibly save you from needing to call a tow-truck. Also it’s a good practice whenever possible to back into a driveway, as it’s much safer and easier to exit the driveway into traffic moving forward verses backing out.

Stay safe out there!

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  1. One company I worked for. If there were 2 guys in a truck. And you were backing. The passenger had to get out and watch. To make sure you didn’t hit anything.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Denny and for taking the time to read this month’s Safety Topic!

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