I’m pleased to announce that Oil Tech Talk will be taking part and contributing to the Vet2Techs Program. I consider this an honor and privilege to be a part of their mission while honoring the memory of my nephew, Army Specialist Albert R. Brauneis.

Uncle Alan loves you, Albert Brauneis!

Army Specialist Albert, R Brauneis
In loving memory of Albert R. Brauneis. 4-18-1983 to 9-10-17

About Vets2Techs

A career in the oil and propane industry is very rewarding. In a world where corporations are growing and taking away from small businesses, the oil and propane industry remains one of the only industries where family businesses still exist and prevail.

An important project initiated in 2015 with a goal to help the men and the women in the U.S. military find jobs following their service, Vets 2 Techs was created to help veterans secure fulfilling careers in the oil and propane industry.

The sacrifice these veterans have made in risking their lives for our country is second to none. While you would be doing your country a great service in hiring a veteran, you would also be doing your company a great service. The characteristics that these veterans possess such as loyalty, dedication, and discipline are features that are incredibly important to employers in the oil and propane industry.

If you are an employer, there is now an opportunity to post any job openings that you have available in order to assist with veteran employment. Even if you do not currently have any job openings, you can still sign up as a participating company. If you are a veteran, there is an opportunity to see what types of careers are available to you in the oil and propane industry. Please visit Vets 2 Techs for more information!

Vets 2 Techs
Connecting Veterans to Technician careers everyday.


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